The JCA pump serie can be supplied:
• Single and Multi stage centrifugal version;
• Self-priming version; Pumps serie JCA are suitable for coupling to tractors with power from 10 to 200Hp, through cardan shaft. Some models can also be supplied with rotation dx or sx. Now is avalaible the new version with SAE3 and SAE4 connection. Can be used for irrigation with rainers or splinkers mobile hose-reels and sliding irrigation systems. Are completely made of cast iron, with steel shaft while the gear box is oil lubricated.
The pumps model JCA can be classified in following versions:
• Centrifugal low/middle/high head for clean waters;
• Self-priming low/high head for dirty waters;
• Centrifugal pumps for slurry without or with grinder and with automatic self priming connection.